Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fixing it

The state of this country is appalling and shameful. I need diversions like this: looking through old photos. These interest me.

Traveling on a train from a quick trip downtown.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Tally

This must be why we feel so bored on quiet days. In just 3 weeks since school's been out... finished up the softball season, gone to Iowa to see the in-laws and nephew, had the MBA grad party, did a softball clinic at the high school, did Father's Day, and started swimming lessons (a bust so far - I should know better by now shouldn't I?).

Night fishing with B's new camera. New point n shoot: 3 inch LCD, no viewfinder, auto everything available. :)

And then there's the occasional Game Day we do at home. Scrabble til you drop!

Softball Season

After the first practice I was floored when she asked if there'd be another. I thought for sure she wouldn't be "sporty". I love when my kid proves me wrong (which is happening more and more).

This is why I was absent from the blog, not that I'm so into the blog to begin with. But... softball season was a big step. She joined a TEAM. And carried her weight. And enjoyed it. This kid didn't give up. Last week she did a softball clinic at the high school and did just as well. Wow.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Worldwide Pinhole Photo Day!

This is my zero image submission to the WWPPD site this year.

An alternate. Fake flower in a puddle left over from a Mexican wedding.

The weather was really too grey this year. I like pinhole photos that are either really contrasty/greyscale or super saturated with color.

2009 pinhole image (since I never posted it here). It's a reflection of the sun in a puddle on my driveway.

The good news. I am slowly mastering printing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where are all the rest?

After we do a bunch of photos, this is what she asks me. I don't know. Most people don't understand the difference between good and bad light. Here are some in bad light (since she went through the trouble of humoring me while I snapped away).

Granola girl

Ruler of the Underworld in Pink Hearts

Serious play time

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Off: Homeschool

Sometimes I like to give her a day off from the public school madness and do something that actually seems meaningful. We went to Wright Woods for a nature hike, wrote some friendly letters to relatives, did "book club", and watched a video about volcanoes. Some things we talked about on our hike...

Pollen, fragrance, bees

Why do vines grow on those rocks in the middle of the woods?


Why some flowers have "hair"

The symmetry of webs

Reasons these are shaped like umbrellas

How a fern and moss are different

Life sprouting from the dead


How many types of fungi there must be

Fall leftovers

Tip ups make good animal homes

Late bloomers


Reasons animals we thought were nocturnal are out

Can cameras record reflections?

And then to the park for recess.